Ever After


Ever After is a brilliant, riveting take on Cinderella, one hopelessly romantic without being lame and one which effectively mixes drama, wit and action.

Drew Barrymore plays Danielle, a lady made a servant by her stepmother (Anjelica Huston) and her stepsisters. Of course, when she poses as a noblewoman to save a servant, the prince (Dougray Scott) instantly takes a liking to her. But Danielle’s stepmother plans to wed her snobbish daughter Margaret to the prince. The climactic scene is a masquerade ball and there is a glass slipper — this is the Cinderella story. But it is a uniquely done one — Danielle doesn’t have to wait for Prince Charming (or Henry, in this case) to rescue her.

Andy Tennant’s Ever After is a stunning movie, a captivating rethink of an ancient fairy tale. There are some brilliant flashes of wit; Leonardo DaVinci shows up with his invention — shoes that let you walk on water, leading to a hilarious situation. And then he curses!

The scenery and sets are beautiful, the acting, especially from the always magnificent Angelica Huston is more than decent. But what sets this movie apart is the way it incorporates several genres — there is enough romance even for Titanic crazies, enough swordplay for adventurers, and enough humor to keep us normal people completely engrossed.

One of the year’s best films, Ever After reminds us that there is still such a thing as a movie that will appear to everyone. This is a film that is impossible to classify as one single genre — let’s call it an action-comedy-drama.

-- Eugene Novikov

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