Films Graded B- 161 Films

Film Title Grade Released
Teacher’s Pet B- 2003
The Stepford Wives B- 2003
Saved! B- 2003
The Notebook B- 2003
The Manchurian Candidate B- 2003
Love Me If You Dare B- 2003
King Arthur B- 2003
A Home at the End of the World B- 2003
Home on the Range B- 2003
Where the Money Is B- 1999
White Oleander B- 2001
What’s the Worst That Could Happen? B- 2000
Uncommon Friends of the 20th Century B- 1998
Undercover Brother B- 2001
Underworld B- 2002
Two Weeks Notice B- 2001
28 Days Later B- 2002
28 Days B- 1999
The Truth About Charlie B- 2001
Thirteen B- 2002
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Ric Roman Waugh, 2013

Score: C

Side Effects

Steven Soderbergh, 2013

Score: C+

10 Years

Jamie Linden, 2012

Score: B-

The Place Beyond the Pines

Derek Cianfrance, 2013

Score: B+

Warm Bodies

Jonathan Levine, 2013

Score: C

Beautiful Creatures

Richard LaGravanese, 2013

Score: B-

The Window

Ted Tetzlaff, 1949

Score: B+

The Chase

Arthur Ripley, 1946

Score: B

Street of Chance

Jack Hively, 1942

Score: C

The Taste of Money

Im Sang-Soo, 2013

Score: C+

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