Picture Perfect


With the exception of Courtney Cox and her Scream-ing success, the actors and actresses from the hit TV show Friends are just not having any luck on the silver screen. David Schwimmer’s Kissing a Fool recently did a complete belly flop with the critics and at the box-office. Matt LeBlanc’s Ed also fell flat on its face. Lisa Kudrow’s Romy and Michelle’s High School reunion was average. And Jeniffer Aniston’s Picture Perfect is just a total mess, at best. This one is a romantic something-or-other (I’m afraid to misuse the delicate word “comedy” here) that simply isn’t funny! The characters are one-dimensional and surprisingly shallow, the film is unpleasantly predictable, and the realism factor here is You’ve gotta be kidding.

In order to get her advertising career on the road (and by the way — why does everyone in movies and tv shows have a job in the advertising field all of a sudden?), Jeniffer Aniston lies and tells her boss that she is engaged to a wedding cameraman (Jay Mohr) that she barely even knows (but of course, he’s secretly in love with her — we wouldn’t have it any other way). So, she seeks him out and begs him to come to dinner with her and the co-workers, pretend that they are engaged, and then to fake a fight and “break up”.

That’s it right there. I just explained the plot of the whole movie in two short sentences. One tiny subplot, but almost nothing else. Just a way too contrived, yeah, right sort of story line. And that’s not the movie’s only problem. Jeniffer Aniston playes a stressed out character — but she is also stressful to watch. Jay Mohr is PHONY, and too agreeable and goody-too-shoes to be real. Only Kevin Bacon, as a philandering co-worker seems to know what he is doing, but his part is too small to save the film. And besides all that — you know how the movie ends. If you’ve watched any romantic comedy before, you should know how Picture Perfect turns out. And yes, it will happen exactly how you think it will, as the movie defiantly refuses to be creative.

Perhaps it’s wrong for tv stars to try to venture out onto the movie screen — I don’t know. But Picture Perfect is just like a bad Friends episode — written and acted in a manner that bears a striking resemblance to that of a flawed sitcom.

-- Eugene Novikov

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