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I truly hope that Scream 2 proves to all of the doubters that horror movies are not all the same. They are not all equally bad, and by God, they are not all equally good. However, they don’t get any better than Scream 2, the terrific sequel to the hit blockbuster w2hich grossed $100 mil. and is credited to reviving the horror genre. And while the original Scream(***) played almost like a straight out satire, it’s sequel is more concerned with looking good, and it succeeds with flying colors. Scream 2 is the most technically accomplished horror picture yet. There are two scenes here which are the best and most well-made that I’ve seen in any slasher flick.

While I won’t reveal any crucial plot details, I will tell you this; Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell, playing the character with he most unappealing personality) is being spooked again, by a copycat killer who wants to recreate the “legendary” Woodsboro murders (the subject of the original Scream). Gale Weathers, the sleazy tabloid reporter has written a book about the murders which has been turned into a movie called “Stab”. It is at a sneak preview of that movie where the first slaying occurs.

From there on out, Scream 2 is a frightening and frighteningly smart slasher flick. Smart slasher flick? Saying that leaves a sour taste in my mouth, but the saying fits well, as the movie works in almost every respect. It has a wonderful cast (enter – Courtney Cox and David Arquette), style, wit (counting every possible way in which sequels suck and then not making a sequel that sucks), and most importantly scars. Yes, if jolts are what you are looking for, this film has them aplenty, thanks to Wes Craven who has a flair for scaring with the most obvious things. The movie, despite all of its jokes sets a very eerie atmosphere.

No, Scream 2 is not perfect. The ending is weak and too long. However, it’s noce to know that the Scream franchise doesn’t suffer from sequelphobia. It has produced the first superior sequel since the Star Wars saga, which got better as it went. I doubt that Scream 3 which is bound to surface late this year will surpass Scream 2. If it does, however, the Scream trilogy will rank right up there with Star Wars

-- Eugene Novikov

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