Wrongfully Accused


Wrongfully Accused is another entry to my “Guilty Pleasure” category. It is yet another cinematic spoof, but a surprisingly hilarious and inspired one.

It all started with the hilarious 1980 Airplane! send-up of the Airport disaster flicks. Then came the Naked Gun trilogy, followed by Spy Hard. These aren’t parodies — these are in-your-face comedies whose primary intention is to make fun of anything and everything. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s not. But the movies are usually very watchable — merciful in their running time, almost always amusing. And since none of the films make any attempt to pass as high art, there is always the sense that the movie is aware of its own absurdity.

Wrongfully Accused‘s plot is negligible — all you need to know is that it is intended as a send-up of The Fugitive although that’s certainly not the ony film that is “honored” here. Spoof-meister Pat Proft comes up with many uproariously funny gags; some examples among many: a guard acting as a steward on a jail bus (“…the exits are clearly marked, but you will not be using them or you will be shot… thank you for being arrested and convicted…”), an usher seating guests with a Star Wars sword, a newscaster who, when the tv is muted first tries to talk really loud and then spazzes out. There are quite a few more.

While it’s obviously not a very good film, if you want to get technical, it is an enjoyable one; yes, there is a difference. If and when you go see it, don’t go in with an expectation of seeing something cinematically superior, but do expect a good time. No one will be bored.

-- Eugene Novikov

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  1. Airplane made me laugh a lot. So did Top Secret and the first Naked Gun. But Wrongfully Accused, at best, brings a smile to the lips at best. The humour is more exaggerated to the point of silliness. Richard Crenna is an embarassment to watch in this film. His best scene involves a football — and he’s not talking. This film isn’t worth the time to watch.

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