Films Released in 1970 63 Films

Film Title Grade Released
Out of Sight B 1970
One True Thing B+ 1970
My Giant B 1970
Mr. Nice Guy C 1970
Mulan B 1970
Mouse Hunt C 1970
The Medallion C- 1970
The Man in the Iron Mask B 1970
Mad City C 1970
The Lion King A 1970
The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride C+ 1970
Lethal Weapon 4 C 1970
Life is Beautiful B 1970
Les Miserables D 1970
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer F 1970
The Impostors B 1970
I Know What You Did Last Summer C 1970
Holy Man C 1970
Godzilla D 1970
Gattaca B 1970
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