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10 Free of Charge Movie Websites for 2018 – Ranked

Streaming movies at home is the rule nowadays. With paid services/sites like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon TV, everyone has the chance to get on their sofa and start watching their favorite show or movie. But, is it possible to do it for free? Yes, you can totally watch movies online for free without infringing any law or promoting piracy. You won’t have to use illegal movie sites or reach to pirated m...[Read More]

Rick and Morty Season 4: Cast, Episodes, Release Date and More

After its last set of ten episodes past year fixed to complete a three-season series, Rick and Morty season 4 was successfully announced back on May 10th. But this announcement didn’t only come with the season; it also meant a renewal of the series for more than 70 episodes which means the series will likely pass the 100-episode goal in the upcoming years. For fans and the creators, this is a magn...[Read More]

The Top 10 Best South Park Episodes Until Now

Now in its 22nd season, South Park has delivered more than two decades of naughty and over-the-top jokes to a very resilient & loyal audience. Anyone who is a fan of this series knows what South Park is capable of delivering, and sometimes it can be straight-up nasty and cringey, while other times it can make you cry of laughter without hesitation. Here we are going to talk about the latter – ...[Read More]

The Best Hulu Movies to Watch at This Moment

In its early days, Hulu was merely one of the last options for people who wanted to stream movies online or at least watch a few dismissed movies from the industry. Today, Hulu is a superb option for its quality, speed, and affordable monthly cost. You could say it is the best competitor both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have. And it has been quietly growing with time, delivering better and bett...[Read More]

Where To Watch Westworld Season 1 Online

Back in April, the second season of Westworld was released, and once again it left a sweet flavor in the mouth of all its fans. As one of the most critically acclaimed in the world, this series has set a new level when it comes to technologically-related TV shows – so we think everyone must watch the first season of Westworld, at least. Sadly, there are not many options to stream Westworld free ou...[Read More]

How To Watch Rick & Morty Season 3 From Multiple Sources

Now you can watch Rick and Morty Season 3 via Hulu after its final episode was aired back in October last year. Since the season ended, fans have been furious because their heavily longed Szechuan sauce didn’t get the time in stores as they wanted it to. What’s even worse, the show hasn’t been airing as much as fans would love; happily, it is now a problem it can be fixed really fast. Being able t...[Read More]

Where To Watch Online The Walking Dead Season 8

Maybe the most watched TV series when it was in its prime, The Walking Dead is still a fascinating show to watch, and it is now in its Season 8 which set the final chapter for a show that is supposed to finish soon. Now, after airing its last episode on April 15th of this year, many people are looking to watch The Walking Dead Season 8, but AMC does not air it too often. What can you do if you wan...[Read More]

Watch American Horror Story All Seasons Online

Set to return in September in maybe its biggest season yet – American Horror Story season 8 will be a very thrilling experience to watch. If you are a fan of the show and what to take a look at the past seasons or you are someone who wants to start watching American Horror Story  by online means – here we are going to give you all the details you need. Whether you are from the UK or US, the follow...[Read More]

Watch Star Wars Rebels Without Paying A Yearly Subscription

One of the most sought-after releases this year was Star Wars Rebels – a thrilling and exciting series about one of the biggest worlds in pictures. Those that follow the show know how important this year was for the series, as it is the second part of the final season of this fantastic Star Wars animation edition. Sadly, streaming Star Wars rebels isn’t that easily. Many fans of the series s...[Read More]

Kristen Stewart Shares Details on Charlie’s Angels 2019 Reboot

Kristen Stewart is thrilled to inject refreshment in the cast of Charlie’s Angels upcoming sequel 2019, under the direction of talented Elizabeth Banks. ‘Heavily armed’ with the beautiful Stewart, the cast is a reason more to excite the fans. Stewart promises this reboot will be a bit more interesting than the 2000 & 2003 movie prequels. She hints the producer this time is in...[Read More]

Fantastic Four (2005) Movie Review

Title: Fantastic Four Year: 2005 Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy Play time: 1h 46min Director: Tim Story Screenwriters: Mark Frost Starring: Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba Fantastic Four is a Movie Adoption Fantastic Four 2005 will inspire cries of outrage, I suspect, as it defies what we’ve come to expect from the modern comic book movie: heartrending angst, gra...[Read More]

Starred Up (2013) Movie Review

Title: Starred Up (2013) Year: 2013 Genre: Crime/Drama Play time: 1h 46min Director: David Mackenzie Starring: Jack O’Connell, Ben Mendelsohn, Rupert Friend Starred Up – Clear Ideological Agenda I might have expected anything from David Mackenzie, the prolific and consistently fascinating Scottish director of such diverse fare as Perfect Sense, Asylum, Tonight You’re Mine and Spread, b...[Read More]

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