Angel Gomez

A Venezuelan, studied Modern Languages in Valencia. Spent thousands of hours watching movies & TV series in the process. This made me more critical, gourmand, which guide me in the area. My critical sense on the industry is sharp, unbiased and realistic.

The Top 10 Best South Park Episodes Until Now

Now in its 22nd season, South Park has delivered more than two decades of naughty and over-the-top jokes to a very resilient & loyal audience. Anyone who is a fan of this series knows what South Park is capable of delivering, and sometimes it can be straight-up nasty and cringey, while other times it can make you cry of laughter without hesitation. Here we are going to talk about the latter – ...[Read More]

The Best Hulu Movies to Watch at This Moment

In its early days, Hulu was merely one of the last options for people who wanted to stream movies online or at least watch a few dismissed movies from the industry. Today, Hulu is a superb option for its quality, speed, and affordable monthly cost. You could say it is the best competitor both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have. And it has been quietly growing with time, delivering better and bett...[Read More]

Where To Watch Online The Walking Dead Season 8

Maybe the most watched TV series when it was in its prime, The Walking Dead is still a fascinating show to watch, and it is now in its Season 8 which set the final chapter for a show that is supposed to finish soon. Now, after airing its last episode on April 15th of this year, many people are looking to watch The Walking Dead Season 8, but AMC does not air it too often. What can you do if you wan...[Read More]

Four Brothers (2005) Movie Review

Title: Four Brothers Year: 2005 Genre: Action, Crime, Drama Play time: 1h 49min Director: John Singleton Screenwriters: David Elliot, Paul Lovett Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, André Benjamin Four Brothers is a good film buried under heaps of excess. John Singleton begins it commandingly, painting the story — four “lost cause” adoptive brothers, two black and two white, ...[Read More]

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