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The Host (2013) Movie Review

Title: The Host Year: 2013 Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance Play time: 2h 5min Director: Andrew Niccol Screenwriters: Andrew Niccol Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, Jake Abel, Diane Kruger, William Hurt, Chandler Canterbury Earth Resisting The Aliens in The Host 2013 Movie In The Host, aliens resembling little glowing spiders have crossed the galaxy to settle our planet by body-snatching all of ...[Read More]

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie Review

Title: The Dark Knight Rises Year: 2012 Genre: Action/Thriller Play time: 2h 44min Director: Christopher Nolan Screenwriters: Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan Starring: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway Christopher Nolan’s movies are always something to talk about, and there’s no doubt that The Dark Knight Rises is again one of the most wonderful and over-the-top movies out there that will...[Read More]

Lincoln (2012) Movie Review

Title: Lincoln Year: 2012 Genre: Biography/Drama/History Play time: 2h 30min Director: Steven Spielberg Screenwriters: Tony Kushner Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, David Strathairn, Hal Holbrook, Tommy Lee Jones, Jared Harris The Imperfect Political Process in Lincoln Like War Horse, which disguised a story of human courage and resilience as a “horse movie,” Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln has...[Read More]

Silent House (2011) Movie Review

Title: Silent House Year: 2011 Genre: Drama/Horror/Mystery Play time: 1h 26min Directors: Chris Kentis, Laura Lau Starring: Elizabeth Olsen, Adam Trese, Eric Sheffer Stevens Silent House (2011): A Spooky Film The horror genre has become lind of an arms race ni formal gimmickry lately, with the Paranormal Activity films setting off a found-footage bonanza, and now with Open Water‘s Chris Kentis and...[Read More]

Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011) Movie Review

Title: Cinderella Man Year: 2011 Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama Play time: 1h 58min Director: John Requa, Glenn Ficarra Screenwriters: Dan Fogelman, Starring: Analeigh Tipton, Emma Stone, Jonah Bobo, Steve Carell, Kevin Bacon, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling. Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) is Funny as Hell It’s not often that I get to refer to an ostensible “romantic comedy” as “awesome,” so mark this occ...[Read More]

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Movie Review

Title: Captain America: The First Avenger Year: 2011 Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Play time: 2h 4min Director: Joe Johnston Screenwriters: Christopher Markus Starring: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Samuel L. Jackson Captain America: The First Avenger is an attempt at a comic book movie as lighthearted romp. It’s certainly as weightless as one could hope. Disinterested in the angsty, morally fraug...[Read More]

Heartbeats (2011) Movie Review

Title: Heartbeats – Les amours imaginaires (original title) Year: 2010 Genre: Drama/Romance Play time: 1h 41min Director: Xavier Dolan Screenwriters: Xavier Dolan Starring: Xavier Dolan, Monia Chokri, Niels Schneider The Short-Lived Passion in Heartbeats Plenty of movies pretend to be about romantic obsession, but most confuse it with a crush. By contrast, Xavier Dolan’s Heartbeats — the sto...[Read More]

Morning Glory (2010) Movie Review

Title: Morning Glory Year: 2010 Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance Play time: 1h 47min Director: Roger Michell Screenwriters: Aline Brosh McKenna Starring: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Wilson Morning Glory Cast is Lovely, But McAdams Doesn’t Deliver Not a single scene, moment or line of dialogue in Morning Glory bears any relationship to reality, which is fine...[Read More]

The Dark Knight (2008) Movie Review

Title: The Dark Knight Year: 2008 Genre: Action/Crime/Drama Play time: 2h 32min Director: Christopher Nolan Starring: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart I am impressed with the geek community (of which I am occasionally a part) for its ability to get excited — frenzied, more like — about The Dark Knight. Because the truth is, there isn’t much in The Dark Knight that can ...[Read More]

Click (2006) Movie Review

Title: Click Year: 2006 Genre: Comedy , Drama , Romance Play time: 1h 47min Director: Frank Coraci Screenwriters: Steve Koren Starring: Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken Click is a film populated by idiots. That makes it exceedingly unsympathetic, not to mention irritating. To make matters worse, Click pounds the audience with its idiocy, inexplicably thinking that it is funny. The...[Read More]

Hotel Rwanda (2004) Movie Review

Title: Hotel Rwanda Year: 2004 Genre: Biography, Drama, History Play time: 2h 1min Director: Terry George Screenwriters: Keir Pearson, Terry George Starring: Don Cheadle, Sophie Okonedo, Joaquin Phoenix When faced with a problem, my immediate instinct is to get it out of my sight, turn my back on it, hope that someone else takes care of it so that by the time I return, it will be but a memory. Thi...[Read More]

Abandon (2002) Movie Review

Title: Abandon Year: 2002 Genre: Drama/Music/Mystery Play time: 1h 39min Director: Stephen Gaghan Screenwriters: Stephen Gaghan Starring: Gabriel Mann, Gabrielle Union, Zooey Deschanel, Charlie Hunnam, Benjamin Bratt, Katie Holmes “I remember this feeling of emptiness… always being cold.” Abandon – An depressing movie Abandon, the directorial debut of Oscar-winning Traffic ...[Read More]

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