Pineapple Express (2008) Movie Review

pineapple express 2008 review

Title: Pineapple Express
Year: 2008
Genre: Action/Comedy/Crime
Play time: 1h 51min
Director: David Gordon Green
Screenwriters: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg
starring: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Gary Cole

Comedies have a really hard task to accomplish these days, and for the last decade this task hasn’t been fulfilled if we are honest. Yet, there are pretty good movies out there, movies that offer really good performances, witty comedy and one of the best plots when it comes to funny developments we’ve seen so far.

But Pineapple Express is not perfect, as it has some major writing mistakes, and of course, the comedy is not pure gold. However, all those who saw it can easily say that the movie will for sure get some laughs out of you, and for sure, will also tell you that the main plot is also really interesting for a movie this lighthearted. A movie that is interesting in many ways.

How Does Comedy Work – Pineapple Express (2008)

A comedy movie doesn’t have much of a purpose more than just making people laugh. That is the main purpose for most of these movies; disconnecting people from their day to day stress and offer something to put their minds at ease for some time while they have the time to think about anything unrelated to their work and personal lives. And this time we can see exactly that, a movie that is not political, social or religious commentary; it’s just a movie with a bizarre plot which main purpose is to make people laugh as much as possible. And that’s exactly what it does.

The comedy of James Franco and Seth Rogen, two guys whose main purpose in life seems to be smoking weed – just like the main purpose of the two main characters of this movie. Wouldn’t you want to see it? A movie without anything we could say it’s bad in plain, especially when the absurdity begins in the first five minutes of the forest, nonsense conversation, the family dinner, the cop car and so on. With these five minutes, you will already be giving some laughs and for a pretty good cause.

A Nonsensical Plot

The pot dealer, the friend, the guy who knows everything about the industry and, of course, the king of the drug in the city – this is what this movie is all about. And this is exactly what you get. There’s no doubt that with a plot like this you wouldn’t get invested in it, especially when the moments when there’s no conflict, the main purpose is to make you laugh by seeing how these main characters get stoned, feel lonely, talk about nonsensical stuff and still manage to make everyone be all attentive to the screen.

But this doesn’t mean that technically, the movie is not good. No, it is actually well-made, understandable, totally engaging and sometimes even as interesting as any other serious mafia-drugs movie out there. But there’s no profound message to be sent here, there’s no main purpose to bring to the audience and there’s no real adventure to talk about.

Not Beyond Expectations – Pineapple Express

The movie is a movie we can watch at anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Yet, with Pineapple Express,  you shouldn’t expect a serious comedy, it is just that – a comedy which main purpose is to make you laugh and for sure will come true if you have a good sense of humor. So, don’t wait for a masterpiece in comedy or a powerful plot behind the movie. Remember that it just wants to make you laugh and that’s it –maybe even get you to smoke “one” yourself.

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