Quest for Camelot (1998) Movie Review

Quest For Camelot

Title: The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot
Year: 1998
Genre: Animation/Adventure/Comedy
Play time: 1h 26min
Director: Frederik Du Chau
Screenwriters: Vera Chapman, Kirk DeMicco
Starring: Jessalyn Gilsig, Cary Elwes, Andrea Corr, Bryan White

True, Disney has monopolized the entertainment industry. Folks — there is a reason for that. Year after year, the Mouse has come out with movies that were absolutely wonderful. Other studios have tried to challenge, but most failed. Last year’s Anastasia was pretty awful, with unmemorable musical numbers, uninvolving characters and story. Well, my friends, Quest for Camlot, Warner Brothers’ animated offering is worse.

The Arthurian Legends Featuring Cayla in Quest for Camelot

This pathetic take on he Arthurian legend features Cayla, a young girl who goes off to try and find the sword Excalibur after it’s been stolen. She finds a blind guy living in the woods, a hermit of sorts. He’s been rejected from the Round Table, only because he is blind.

Now, they are bing chased by a pathetically one-dimentional villain voiced by Gary Oldman. But who really cares? I wasn”t entertained by this picture at all. It was all too reminiscent of films like The Lion King, which is a masterpiece of the highest order and one of the best films of the decade. THe film refuses to put a new spin on the animation formula. It has no interesting or involving characters, the musical numbers are sappy showtunes that aren’t memorable and the animation is second-rate.

Will Kids like Quest for Camelot?

Will kids like it? Not if they’ve seen Alladin or The Lion King. It tries to appeal to adults (A bird deadpans “You looking at me? You looking at me?” from Taxi Driver) it doesn’t amuse to often either. The film has no shot at a profit, and it is a mistake from beginning to end. This filmgoer is anxiously awaiting Disney’s Mulan.

Going behind producers minds and intent. Resorting to harsh, grotesque, comically, sarcastic & sensible evaluation.

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