The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie Review

the dark knight rises

Title: The Dark Knight Rises
Year: 2012
Genre: Action/Thriller
Play time: 2h 44min
Director: Christopher Nolan
Screenwriters: Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan
Starring: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway

Christopher Nolan’s movies are always something to talk about, and there’s no doubt that The Dark Knight Rises is again one of the most wonderful and over-the-top movies out there that will give you enough conversation for hours.

Directed the same way the two previous Batman movies were, with dark, tensed, and a completely engaging way that changed the way superhero movies were like. The Dark Knight Rises is simply the continuation of a series of three movies from the comic book Batman which Nolan took to showcase all his skills and talent as a director, and what a wonderful experience he gave us.

The movie is exquisitely done, with incredibly tense moments, others where we lose all faith in the hero, other moments when we see how characters change and develop beautifully and then we see how everything ends up in a mysterious and non-logically way which makes us doubt a little – yet the movie still makes us feel as if we were living inside it. This movie is simply good, really good, in many ways.

The Presentation of Our Villain

The first part of the movie, after Harvey Dent funeral finishes with words from Gordon (Gary Oldman), we go directly to the first master plan of our villain in this movie – Bane. Here we see how Bane, in search of working alongside one of the most intelligent nuclear scientists in the world, gets himself kidnapped by US forces but all in order to get his plan work.

And as you see, it is all about a nuclear weapon without a doubt. But something striking in the first scene makes us think about who Bane is (Played by Tom Hardy). For those who have read the comics, knowing who’s Bane, is not hard work. Yet, for those who are not in any way aware of who Bane is, the first scene when he tells one of his “mercenaries” to stay on the soon-to-crash plane because someone has to die and the mercenary goes with it like it is nothing – it is then when we know that Bane is not a simple villain.And that’s exactly what Nolan has taught us all along his wonderful Batman series.

Nolan presents us villains who are much more complex than what we think they are. They are not simply bad, they are wonderfully made in order to let us know that villains, more than just enemies, are also people. But this scene was only to show him as a leader, it was later when we find out who Bane really is.

Bruce Wayne Is Not The Same

As soon as Bane is presented, we go directly to see how Mr. Wayne (Christian Bale) is now, and what he’s become after defeating The Joker in The Dark Knight. And, surprise! He’s supposed to be enclosed in his mansion, away from crime and away from the Batman, because now, Batman is known as the enemy due to beliefs about him killing Dent.

But something happened the first time we see Wayne, we are also presented to Catwoman(played by Anne Hathaway) who, without a doubt, is just looking to grab the attention of Batman who knows why, by lurking into his chambers as a maid but ends up stealing his mother’s collar from an “uncrackable” safe Wayne had hidden in a bureau. Now, Catwoman, taking advantage of Wayne “cripple state”, kicks Wayne’s cane and makes him fall. She then gets out of the house and goes away with a congressman (played by Brett Cullen).

Alfred is also again here, as the old butler who has to take care of Wayne, in every way possible. And that’s something that melts our hearts, even for an antihero like Batman in this movie.

The Return of The Batman

We see Batman managing his life in a way we’ve never seen before. He feels defeated and he gets away from crime and, as Wayne, he gets away from the lights. Yet, this didn’t last much. Not until a new character called Blake (Gordon-Levitt), a police officer from Gotham finds the kidnapped Gordon in a sewer and after talking with him he had to find the Batman.

He goes directly to Wayne’s mansion and asks him directly to start again, to be Batman, as he knew already who he was, really. Then he starts to think about it and a little time later we see him, as Batman. And spectacularly, before going out as Batman again, he meets with Fox (Morgan Freeman) who introduces him to the new asset of the company, “The Bat” as he called it, a new and sleek minicopter.

But when he gets out we can see how the police and the entire city is still in awe to see him, as everyone thought he had disappeared and he was, maybe, not going out again. But he did, and the police now hate him to the guts due to what he “did” to Dent. And as always, everything goes right for him thanks to the new copter from Fox.

After some personal situations and scenes about Catwoman, Miranda; the girl who wants to buy Wayne enterprise (Marion Cotillard), and the guy who also wants the same, Daggett (Ben Mendelsohn) who eventually gets killed by Bane for just not being part of his masterplan, even though Daggett actually helped him make Batman get to the lights again.

And this is where we see the Dark Knight returning to his old deeds. He meets with Selina (Catwoman) as Wayne and asked her to see Bane as Batman, even though she doesn’t know that Wayne is actually Batman, yet. A little time later we found these two guys disguised in the sewers,  fighting Bane’s guys until Batman gets caged thanks to Catwoman, who looking to get away from Bane, who actually wanted to kill her, had to give him to Bane herself.

Here we see how the Dark Knight is not the same as he was before. Now he’s older, weaker and much slower. Bane takes advantage of this and gets Batman almost killed. He then made him go to the place he was raised in, so the Dark Knight could learn about the way of the shadows like Bane called it.

The Rise Of The Dark Knight

After being sent to Pakistan where Wayne spent 3 months in a “hell” called a prison, he rose as Batman again. But that wasn’t that easy. Wayne had to recover himself, fix his broken column, and literally get out of the prison by escalating himself out. And he did it, of course, he’s Batman.

But all those months he spent in the prison were used by Bane to take the city. He made total anarchy be the king of Gotham and now Batman has to save it before the nuclear bomb the scientist from the first scene created it, but now he’s dead to turn it off.

Batman arrives at Gotham,and with the help of Catwoman, he saves Gordon, saves Blake, and then turns out to save the whole city from the claws of Bane. He, of course, ends up beating Bane as a revenge. Takes up the bomb and explodes it far away from the city and the whole population thanks him.

And as you see, it feels rushed, as rushes as this review, because that’s what it felt the movie like in the last hour, completely rushed as they were trying to fix everything as good as possible.

Thoughts On The Rise of the Batman (2012)

The movie was really good in many ways, as said before. Batman, inherently, had to save the city from the claws of the villain and eventually made himself the hero again. But he couldn’t see that he was alive until the movie ends.

But all of this, the movie by itself, the directing, the acting and the overall plot were really good. Almost no mistake except for some fight scenes where the bad guys literally fall without receiving a hit from anyone. Other scenes, like said before, feel extremely rushed and may have been done a lot better with better ideas.

Yet, the movie was good enough to deliver a pretty good experience, especially those who are afan of the Batman and all that this hero evokes. Still, it could have been a lot better from the standpoint of plot holes, technical details and some rushed scenes that eventually feel overwhelming. As a whole, a pretty good movie to pass the time, yet it won’t be as good if you are a detail-oriented viewer, who may eventually get frustrated by the number of things that could have been a lot better.


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