Toy Story 2 (1999) Movie Review

toy story 2

Title: Toy Story 2
Year: 1999
Genre: Animation/Adventure/Comedy
Play time: 1h 32min
Director: John Lasseter
Starring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack

An example of how great screenwriting and intelligent plot should be, Toy Story 2 is by far one of the best animated movies in the industry and it is also one of the lots which have a really good message. And what’s even better, it is for all ages, all minds and all cultures – it is simply a masterpiece that will inevitably make people feel nostalgic, happy, sad and melancholic all at the same time.

The first movie introduced us to how a toy can have a life of their own, with a message about friendship and acceptance that goes beyond any other movie out there. But here, in Toy Story 2 we can experience an even better story about friendship, belonging and love. It is an animated perfection.

The Toy Kidnap – Toy Story 2 (1999)

The movie starts with the toys sad and desperate because their owner, Andy, is going away to summer camp. But in a seemingly effective plan, they had to don’t let Andy go away, one of the toys ends up in a carton box from the mom’s garage sale by mistake. And of course, there’s no one better to save this one rogue-by-mistake toy that Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks).

After finding out where this rogue toy is, he goes to save him in the back of the house’s dog, riding it as if it were a horse until they reach the garage sale in order to save his friend toy. But something unexpected happens. While trying to save his friend, he gets stuck and even though he saved his friend he couldn’t save himself.

Stuck among all the things being sold, one guy, a toy-obsessed nerd looks at Woody and enters directly into a state of awe, as Woody was exactly the one toy that was missing from his collection. The guy asks for the price of the toy, but the mother tells him that the toy is not for sale, that it belongs to her kid – and immediately throws the toy away from buyers hands.

But this guy is not easy to convince. He wants the toy and he will get it – no matter what. So, without paying for it, he grabs the toy and kidnaps him. And of course, the other toys watching the situation try to save him, but they eventually fail at it. Oh, it is important to say that Woody was heavily arm damaged as well.

The Rescue

Here’s is where all the talk about friendship and love starts, but even more importantly – the story about those marginalized toys who think they are in heaven where it is the other way around. Woody is brought to a place where they see other toys, all from the same universe as woody. Here we meet Jessie (voiced by Joan Cusack) and Stinky Pete (voiced by Kelsey Grammer), as well as Bullseye (the horse). All toys who think their place in the world is inside a plastic box, but they meet Woody, a toy who knows the real life of a toy is beside their best friend, the kid who plays with them.

But all these toys have different bad stories about their past owners, where Jessie was abandoned in the country, Bullseye was also treated badly and, of course, Stinky Pete who was supposed to be brought directly from the toy store. They don’t believe in anything else than that until they see how Woody has more life inside itself than all of them, especially when his friends arrive to help him.

The Toy Story 2 Paradise

As you see, the toy after arriving to save Woody give the message to the other toys that friendship is far better than just living inside a box. Jessie and Bullseye go well with that and join Woody, but Stinky Pete doesn’t comply. They eventually beat Stinky Pete, go away to Andy’s house with two new members and everything goes back to normal. They go again to their paradise, living with Andy, something that gives us again the feeling that our toys are always our best friends, and no matter how much we may get away from them, they will always be there with us.

If toys had lives, we would experience something very similar to what this movie offers us. Without a doubt.

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