10 Free of Charge Movie Websites for 2018 – Ranked

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Streaming movies at home is the rule nowadays. With paid services/sites like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon TV, everyone has the chance to get on their sofa and start watching their favorite show or movie. But, is it possible to do it for free?

Yes, you can totally watch movies online for free without infringing any law or promoting piracy. You won’t have to use illegal movie sites or reach to pirated movie sites.

You can always watch your favorite old and even relatively new full-length movies easily and without worrying. How can you do that? Just by knowing about the free online movies websites we are going to show you.

These sites are not like Netflix, but they will undoubtedly offer more than you think. Come and see!

Note: We are in no way affiliated with the mentioned movie sites below! This review is based purely on non-biased facts, with the sole purpose to present to our readers the finest, free and legal places in the film streaming industry.

The Go-to places to watch only free movies online

1.     Crackle

Screenshoot of a free movie on crackle homepage

Crackle homepage

Known as the best free movie site ever, Crackle offers a wide array of movies and TV shows. And most movies you’ll find here are exceptional. From academy-award winners to action-packed flicks, or a family-themed film to watch with the family on a Sunday – whatever you’re looking, with Crackle you’ll have it.

It is interesting to know that Crackle wasn’t initially named Crackle. Instead, it was named Grouper before Sony bought it. And since then, it became one of the most popular – if not the most popular – sites to watch movies for free.

You can easily create an account on the website,and you’ll have complete access to all the free movies and TV shows available. And if you left off on a film without finishing, you can always come back and start watching from the moment you left. The service is that awesome – and free!

You can hook it up in your Smart TV, smartphone, table, laptop, or any streaming device you have, even game consoles. And you’ll watch movies for free without issue.

The only problem: you’ll have to endure very annoying & sometimes long ad videos. These ads look precisely like TV commercial breaks, so it won’t be a problem if you’re accustomed.

Among the movies & shows you canfind in Crackle there are: Stranger than Fiction, The Social Network, Monsters Inc., Seinfeld, Doctor Who, Preacher, and more.


  • Exceptional movie quality
  • A wide array of movies and TV shows
  • Excellent compatibility with most devices


  • A lot of ads that can be pretty long

Visit Crackle.

2.     Popcornflix

The popcornflix free movies editors choice on homepage

Popcornflix homepage

This is not the best movie website for free out there, but surely one of the most convenient & innovative. This means you get an excellent flow of new movies every week, increasing your library exponentially and making it harder to get away from it.

Popcornflix has around 1,500 free movies online you can watch. They are movies of any kind and genre, from comedy to drama, action, horror, family, documentaries, and even some independent films you won’t find anywhere else.

This site is also one of the most underrated out there. It was created back in 2010 with a very meager array of independent films. But slowly, it started to become one of the largest in the market – delivering thousands of movies to watch for free and without any problem.

The best of all, you can watch movies with Popcornflix without an account. You merely have to pick the movie you want to view and click Play when needed. You will be able to watch thousands of movies & TV shows, including several classics and old cartoons you won’t find anywhere else.

You need a browser or a device such as Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, XBOX, iPhone or iPad, Android or just any device that supports the app. Making it a top-notch choice for demanding users.

Movies & shows you can watch on Popcornflix: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, True Grit, Zodiac, Stagecoach, There Will be Blood, The Legend of Zelda, The Weird Al Show, Inspector Gadget, and more…


  • Totally registration-free for fast free movie access
  • More than 1,500 movies & TV shows
  • Excellent array of independent films


  • Video quality is not as good as others

Visit Popcornflix.

3.     Tubi TV

Screenshoot of six posters from free movies on Tubitv Homepage

Tubi TV homepage

Tubi is very similar to Crackle in many ways, especially when it comes to the number & types of movies you can watch for free. But something they do much better than Crackle is that they update the site more consistently, which gives you thousands of options to watch.

Sadly, the site is not entirely free as other websites. Some movies need to be rented if you want to watch them. Yet, this happens mostly with new films. Most movies are actually totally free without having to pay special fees – you have to sign up,and that’s it.

Overall, however, the site is impressive. Especially when you consider the ads are very short when compared to other similar free streaming websites. And what’s even better, they offer handy lists and recommendations such as “Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes,” “NewReleases,”“Indie Films,” and the popular “Not on Netflix” category, which offers people who use Netflix an even more extensive array of movies and shows to watch.

You can use Tubi practically anywhere, including your browser or via apps on iPhone, iPad, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, Xbox, and PlayStation. And what’s even better, you can sync up all your devices at the same time, so you can twitch on your watchlist wherever you are. Or eventually, pick up where you left off when switching.

The content of the website is mostly based on partners. With more than 200 production companies affiliated, you’ll have thousands of movies to watch. Among them you have: Piranha, Assault on Precinct 13, Women First, After Hours, Grindhouse, Wild Things, The Brothers Bloom, Fathers & Daughters, Ca$h, and many more.


  • Exceptional free movie availability and lists
  • Top-notch video quality and subtitles
  • Ads usually are shorter than in other freemovie websites


  • You’ll need to pay an extra fee to watch a few of its newest or premium movies

Visit Tubi TV.

4.     Pluto TV

Screenshoot of a free movie on Pluto TV

Pluto TV homepage

Pluto is maybe the less knownservice in the list, yet one of the most versatile and with the broader range of content options. Even though we’re trying to focus on sites that offer free movies, in Pluto.TV you get that and much more.

It offers a great wealth of movies and shows, but it uses channels similarly to a TV cable. To find the film you want to watch, you’ll have to browse among different channels (a few hundred). Some of these channels are on-demand, so you can pick the movie you want to watch, or entirely live – which means you’ll have to let the channel choose for you.

But the quality and availability are exceptional. You’ll find movies and shows of all genres, as well as live shows and sports, music, news, and much more. Some exciting channels such as CNET, IGN, Work Poker Tour, and similar ones are also available.

If you are someone who’s continuously indecisive when watching movies, you’ll find the perfect service with Pluto’s. And it is important to note that you’ll need no registration at all.

To use Pluto TV, you’ll only need a computer with a browser, or a device that supports its app. It can be an iPad, iPhone, an Android device, an Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or even a game console with a browser works. And that’s it – just open the link,and you’ll have all this and more.

You’ll find practically all types of movies & shows here, but some interesting ones areBraveheart, Queen of the Desert, The Adventures of Priscilla, or just whatever that’s streaming in its live channels.


  • Include a gigantic and broad availability of free movie, shows, news, and more
  • TV-like channel guide let you see what is going to stream later
  • Surprising high-quality streaming


  • There are just a few dozen channels for movies.

Visit Pluto TV.

5.     SnagFilms

Screenshoot of the free film Wreckers on Snagfilms

SnagFilms homepage

When it comes to watching movies free online, there is no place like SnagFilms. With a list of movies, shows, and documentaries, that goes over the 10,000 mark – you won’t find any other service similar or close to it.

You can watch films of any kind, and you’ll always receive top-notch quality and an entirely straightforward watching process with little ads. And of course, you don’t need an account to use the site, just access to it and pick the film you want to watch.

The place was initially released in 2008, and since then it has amassed a large number of movies. What really makes this site interesting, however, is that this vast number of films can be accessed through lists such as “History Lessons”, “Refugee & Immigrant Stories”, “Veterans and the Military”, “Youth & Education”, “Explore the World”, and one of the most exciting ones: “Before they were Stars”, where you can watch movies of actors before they became famous.

Here you have practically everything. Some films are even uploaded by their filmmakers, so you get independent content you won’t find literally anywhere else on the internet.

The content of the website is also uploaded by a team who curates everything that is offered. This means you get the highest quality possible for free. And you can use the service anywhere as well, from iOS devices to Android, Roku, Kindles, and TVs.

Movies such as The Slaughter Rule, Wreckers, Brother to Brother, Love Me Anyway, and more, plus documentaries such as Forever, High Sierra, The Corporation, We The People, Assault on El Capitan, and many others are available for free on the site.


  • Most extensive collection of free movies and documentaries available
  • Ads are minimal, inoffensive and unobtrusive
  • Quality is outstanding even in the oldest movies


  • The buffering process may last more than expected.

Visit SnagFilms.

6.     Retrovision

Image of 64 Million Dollar Question free movie on Retrovision

Retrovision homepage

Retrovision focuses on free classic movies. This does not mean movies will be old, but instead that movies are all classics. But of course, most movies are at least 20 years old already so that you won’t see probably much new content every month.

The availability, however, is just amazing, and the reproduction plus other parts of the site are exceptional. It is small, well-designed, and with only a hand-picked choice of films that you can watch without having to register or anything.

Here you’ll find anything from drama to horror, crime, comedy, Western, war, adventure, romance, film noir, and more. Most movies are between the 1930s and 1980s, yet you may find some last-year films as well, as long as they are “classics.”

Apart from movies, you also have an excellent set of old TV shows. From the likes of Bonanza, Jack Benny Show, Dick Van Dyke, Burns and Allen, One Step Beyond, Gang Busters, Beverly Hillbillies, and more – you have them all in Retrovision.


  • Thousands of classic movies to watch
  • Comes with easy-to-browse movie genres and lists
  • Offers several old TV shows you won’t find anywhere else


  • Video quality may not be the best (most movies & shows are ancient).

Visit Retrovision.

7.     Archive.org

10 posters from free movies shown on Archive dot org

Archive Movies page

Also known as the Internet Movie Archive, this website offers millions of films and videos to watch for free. There’s an unimaginable array of content in this website, and most of it is not even popular.

You will find content uploaded by users that can be from the 1900s to the 1930s, 1940s, up to the 1980s, and even as new as yesterday or a few weeks old. The amount of content is outstanding, and you can also download about 6,000 movies in the site – which is even more fantastic.

The content goes from public domain movies to home videos, stock footage, and even little treasures made by the public and users. But the real gem of the website is the availability of old movies that you won’t find anywhere else. As it is entirely free to upload, watch, and download, users upload practically anything – and some of these uploads are movies you haven’t even heard of.

Movies go from silent films to black-and-white comedies, horror flicks, sci-fi, drama, and much more. There’s not a better site if you want to discover what the past has to offer when it comes to films.


  • Broader array of classical movies & film-related videos than in most sites
  • You can download and even upload content as well
  • Most movies are unheard of or unpopular which makes it more interesting


  • There is so much content that it can be hard to separate and look for specific titles.

Visit Archive.org.

8.     TopDocumentaryFilms

Eight posters from free movies on Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films homepage

It’s not the best website to watch free movies but the best website to watch documentaries. If you are someone who loves documentaries and similar content, Top Documentary Films will probably become your one-time favorite site for this.

By directly accessing to the website, you’ll be able to watch thousands of documentaries available in the site. And they can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 3 to 4 hours.  Most of them, however, are independent documentaries.

The layout of the site is entirely straightforward as well, and you watch any documentary for free you just have to pick the right category and find for the one that seems more interesting for you. Sadly, you can only watch documentaries for free via this website by using a browser, as it does not offer any compatibility to devices.

The array of movies goes from Nature to Mystery, History, Environment, Science, Religion, Politics, Sports, Society, and much more. Among these documentaries, you can find Tashi and the Monk, Planet Ocean, Hubble: Universe in Motion, Children of Full Life, The Immortals, The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, and many others.


  • Outstanding quality for free movies and documentaries
  • Most documentaries have little to no advertisement at all
  • More than 3,000 documentaries available you won’t find anywhere else


  • Only available to use via browser.

Visit Top Documentary Films.

9.     YouTube

Screenshoot of posters from free movies on Youtube

Youtube Movies homepage

Everyone knows about YouTube. There’s no website as extensive and popular as YouTube when it comes to free video content. Here you can find practically anything you want, from the news to reviews of any product, up to the funniest or weirdest videos on the internet, and much, much more.

However, there’s something not people know,and it is that YouTube also offers a vast collection of free movies to watch. Even though these movies are not necessarily new or very popular, but most of them may be movies that you can’t find anywhere else.

There isn’t, however, an approximate of the number of free movies you can watch on YouTube. There may be as many movies as there are videos about cats. Who knows?

In YouTube you can also find TV shows. From animation to sitcoms, anime, and sometimes even content from European countries there’s no other way to watch than using YouTube.

The best of all, videos may come in a wide variety of formats, with subtitles or without, different video quality, and even different languages and more. And most of the time, all these videos are rated & commented by users, so you have an idea of whether a movie quality is excellent or if it sucks.

What sets this site apart from others is that you can watch featured films from the official channels of their creators. So you get outstanding quality in almost every way possible.

Among the many movies and TV shows available on YouTube, you will find Prison Break, The Man in Black, Children of the Corn, Human Gorilla, Fist of Fury, Double Dragon, Sometimes Love Needs a Little Push, Night of The Living Dead, Better Off Dead, The Man With the Golden Arm, and many more.


  • Comments and ratings from users help to find the right movies
  • Some free films are entirely original from their official creator’s channels
  • You can watch movies without interruptions, ads, or buffering problems


  • Most movies get taken down after a few days or weeks of their uploads.

Visit Youtube Movies.

10.           Vimeo

Screenshoot of free movie on Vimeo dot com

Vimeo Movies homepage

YouTube is terrific – but Vimeo is simply unbeatable when it comes to watching free movies. Even though it is not the best website to watch movies for free, it is an exceptional choice for those who love HD video.

This site was launched even before than YouTube. It is a social website similarly to YouTube, but the community has a broader array of talent than any other out there. And of course, most content is not only free but entirely HD (with the best quality for free movies you will find).

The only problem is that you won’t find popular movies here. Instead, you find original independent content by creators of all kinds, and from all around the world. From experimental to anything close to action flicks we see every day in cinemas. From short films to documentaries, video series, unedited content, and much more – the variety this free movie website offers is unmatched.

Vimeo also offers a clean layout and with an entirely straightforward watching process. And while some movies need a premium account or purchase for you to watch, at least 80% of all the content on the website is free.


  • Unmatched video quality
  • You can discover movies, short films, series, and more from independent creators
  • Totally ad-free platform with clean layout makes it exceptional to watch free movies


  • Some movies may need a purchase or a premium account.

Visit Vimeo.

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