The Top 10 Best South Park Episodes Until Now

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Now in its 22nd season, South Park has delivered more than two decades of naughty and over-the-top jokes to a very resilient & loyal audience. Anyone who is a fan of this series knows what South Park is capable of delivering, and sometimes it can be straight-up nasty and cringey, while other times it can make you cry of laughter without hesitation.

Here we are going to talk about the latter – the best south park episodes available out there. You will be able to laugh your lungs out of your chest and hopefully start appreciating a series that after decades of adult content, it’s still delivering top quality episodes to enjoy.

The Best, The Funniest, The Most Shocking South Park Episodes Ranked

10. You Got F’d in the A – Season 8

You Got Fd In The A

The eighth season is undoubtedly one of the best season of South Park. And this was one of the highest rated episodes without a doubt – both by critics and the audience. Taking mickey of dancing movies to another level, here we can see how South Park becomes a whole dance-off tournament with the best dancers in the entire town.

Stan gets served by a dancing group, Randy gets to the hospital for being served, and Butters reveals his past as one of the most prolific tap-dancers in the series. Misfortune, trauma, and dancing glory – all in an episode that delivers one of the funniest themes in the whole South Park list of top-rated episodes.

9. Go God Go and Go God Go XII – Season 10

South Park Season 10

Supposedly one of the best-written episodes across the entire series, the Go God Go and Go God Go XII tackles a futuristic world thanks to Cartman freezing himself to get the Nintendo Wii. As every other South Park episode related to video games and science, this one makes fun of practically anyone in the industry, and one of them is Richard Dawkins.

Apart from all that, the episode is mostly based in the year 2546,and the world took apart by genetically evolved otters. So you go into a fun adventure with Cartman due to a pretty messed up idea (not a surprise) he had while trying to fulfill one of his weird desires. And of course, this episode ends up being one of the funniest without a doubt.

8. Marjorine – Season 9

Marjorine Season 9

Butters is maybe the most hated kid in the series, but not by the audience who love every misfortune of him, but by the writers who are always making the poor blonde child go through the harshest of exploits.

Here we see how Butters is obliged to fake his death and come back to school as a girl, all because Cartman, once again, has a fucked-up plan about discovering the supposed device girls have to predict the future. The funniest part of this episode? Butters ends up loving being a girl while his parents try to resurrect him, and Cartman finds out what he was looking for initially. Only because Butters is once again terrified for his life, this episode is worth a watch (or multiple for that matter).

7. Imaginationland Parts I, II & III – Season 11

Imaginationland South Park

A three-part set of events in South Park is not very common, yet some of them are almost masterpieces. Among the best South Park episodes elongated in multiple ones, we can find Imagination Land, which was eventually turned into a whole 60-minute movie for its amazingness.

This is a psychedelic journey into a magical land where Cartman and the kids end up going through the funniest of happenings. Kyle sucks someone’s balls, Mel Gibson and Michael Bay appear in a Saving Private Ryan parody, and we even see M. Night Shyamalan portraying an unusual character. You’ll find all of that and more in one of the most famous episodes in the entire South Park world.

6. Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow – Season 9

Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow

Only by the name, you can know it is a parody of disaster movies such as The Day After Tomorrow. But guess what, the whole disaster comes from the hands of the kids, mainly Cartman and Stan who eventually had to travel byboat to Beaverton, a flooding town.

It’s not common to see Stan and Cartman appear alone in the series, so watching both of them is just pure comedy gold. From fake news to metaphors, parodies of real-life natural disasters, and more – all in an episode from South Park that will make your stomach ache from laughing.

5. AWESOM-O – Season 8

Awesom O

The best from the South Park editions, was season 8. Accidentally, maybe, but undoubtedly it is. Cartman has tortured Butters for 21 seasons, and this episode is why such a love-hate relationship in the series is so appreciated by all fans who really know what South Park is all about.

In AWESOME-O we see how Cartman elaborates one of his master plans (not really) to become a robot and best-friend of Butters. Cartman starts discovering much more of Butters than he ever knew and eventually tries to get the best out of the relationship but everything ends up upside down for him. This episode was one of the best only because Butters does not finish like the victim, but Cartman does after being sent to the military as a robot for war purposes.

4. The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers – Season 6

South Park Season 6

If you are a Lord of The Ring fan and South Park enthusiast, then this magnificent episode is undoubtedly one of your favorite (or will be). Maybe the best parody in the whole series, the Return of the Fellowship of the King to the Two Towers tackles the entire Lord-of-the-Ring world with a cosplay-like game where Cartman, Kyle, and Stan trying to watch the real-life movie, end up with an adult film.

Butters appears as Gollum, we don’t see Kenny, yet we can eventually enjoy how Trey Parker and Matt Stone wrote a seemingly perfect comedy episode which any fan can attest to. It’s somehow cringe-worthy, but the laughs and great jokes are thrown at you via images &Cartman occurrences will certainly make you glad of having watched it.

3. Good Times with Weapons – Season 8

Good Times With Weapons

Once again Season 8 in the list, with one of the most anime-like episodes in the whole series. Good Times with Weapons is a South Park translation of the “Don’t run with scissors or you’ll get cut.” Featuring the kids and poor Butters in a Japan-like ninja set of games, you’ll see how they fight for their life, learn new tricks, and Butters gets damaged once again.

The creators of South Park don’t think this is one of their best episodes, but fans all around the world knew how to appreciate the perfect animation and seemingly innocent jokes all around it. If you enjoyed previous episodes with bizarre themes, this one is not an exception, so you’ll very likely love it as well.

2. Scott Tenorman Must Die – Season 5

Scott Tenorman Must Die

Many say it is the best all-time episode of South Park; others say it is among their top 5, while others just say it is impossible to rank it among others as it surpasses others completely. Quality in South Park is much more than just animation or jokes; sometimes it even is about demonical deeds.

Cartman meets the ninth-grader and nemesis Scoot Tenorman who has humiliated Cartman many times before, and does it again in this episode – for the last time! Cartman becomes a total evil in the form of a fat child. The episode does not even end happily or funnily; it just ends up leaving the audience with an open mouth. Of course, it still manages to be funny in-between and give us a few cringe-worthy events to laugh about – but this is by far the darkest episodes and one of the best without a doubt.

1. Make Love Not Warcraft – Season 10

Make Love Not Warcraft

Among the highest rated South Park episodes, we find Make Love not Warcraft, and yes – it is a total mickey up of gamers. Here, the kids get obsessed with Warcraft, and despite not having a dark or pretty-funny message to talk about, this episode encapsulates the whole idea and essence of South Park entirely.

Bizarre events, naughty jokes, dirty & EWWW moments, plus the most swearing-worthy Cartman ever – among the best episodes of South Park – this one is maybe the one you shouldn’t ever dismiss. Even gamers after feeling directly attacked eventually loved this episode, and that’s a lot to say after one of the most sensible cultures got their stake in one of South Park best episodes ever.

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