Djimon Hounsou

Blood Diamond (2006) Movie Review

Title: Blood Diamond Year: 2006 Genre: Adventure, Drama, Thriller Play time: 2h 23min Director: Edward Zwick Screenwriters: Charles Leavitt Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou, Jennifer Connelly DiCaprio Raises The Quality of Blood Diamond There was a time, wasn’t there, when Leonardo DiCaprio was considered just another vapid pretty face — somewhere circa Titanic? If that repu...[Read More]

Amistad (1997) Movie Review

Title: Amistad Year: 1997 Genre: Drama/History Play time: 2h 35min Director: Steven Spielberg Starring: Djimon Hounsou, Matthew McConaughey, Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman Amistad is the kind of movie that makes a tired topic seem fresh and entertaining again. It tells the true story of a French slave ship called La Amistad and the mutiny that occured on it. When the ship finally reaches America,...[Read More]

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