How To Watch Rick & Morty Season 3 From Multiple Sources

Rick And Morty Season 3 Scene

Now you can watch Rick and Morty Season 3 via Hulu after its final episode was aired back in October last year. Since the season ended, fans have been furious because their heavily longed Szechuan sauce didn’t get the time in stores as they wanted it to. What’s even worse, the show hasn’t been airing as much as fans would love; happily, it is now a problem it can be fixed really fast.

Being able to have a Rick and Morty Season 3 on demand stream is perfect for those who were anxious to re-watch the show. Actually, it is more of a relief than anything else. With the many problems the creators of the show Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland had with Adult Swim, it wasn’t clear if the Rick and Morty series was going to keep airing new episodes or seasons.

Yet, in May of this year, the creators announced the continuation of the TV series and even a 70-episode list which sets the show to keep going for at least five to seven more years. And just after this was announced, most fans were already eager to check out Rick and Morty season 2 and even season 1 once again.

What are Your Options to Watch Rick and Morty Season 3? Hulu!

Rick And Morty Season 3 in the lab

Sadly, not all cable operators and streaming services allow users to watch Rick and Morty the third season in a online fashion. But of course, there are actually a few options you can go with right now!

The primary option to watch Season 3 of Rick and Morty is via Hulu. You’ll have to pay for the subscription and watch whatever episode or season you want without problems. A few weeks ago, Hulu sent all of its members an email announcing the addition of the show new season to the catalog of series available in the service.

Whether you want to watch season 2 from Rick and Morty or even season 3 (with its 1 to 10 episodes),  you will be able to do it only with Hulu for now. Unless, of course, you have Adult Swim on your TV subscription and you wait for the channel to air it whenever possible.

Is There Any Streaming Option Beside Hulu?

Even though there are no real ways to watch online season 3 of Rick and Morty for free, you can actually look for individual episodes in the web. For being so short in time, most of these episodes may even be available on Youtube, Vimeo, and other similar sites, and you can watch them without even breaking any law.

One of the episodes available is the Rick and Morty season 2 episode 7, which is one of the best in the show so far! Another exciting option is the Rick and Morty Season 3 episode 6 live stream, which is available as one of the most exciting and fan-favorite in the show.

There are many other episodes out there such as the Season 3 episode 1, episode 9 and even episode 2 and episode 4 from the Rick and Morty show. However, you will have to search very neatly to find the right episode and watch it for free.

The Next Season is Set for 2019

While you watching Rick and Morty series, you will have to wait for the next season to arrive, supposedly in 2019 for now.

There is not a release date so far, but we hope you can watch Rick and Morty live between January and May of next year. However, its main producer and writer Ryan Ridley said the show won’t be airing at least until 2019, which means we could have to wait for 2020 to watch it.

Luckily for us, we can now watch season 3 Rick and Morty without problems through Hulu or through any free option. Whatever the reason to see Rick and Morty – we’re pretty sure the new release date will be announced soon and very likely won’t disappoint in any way. Hope you are as eager as we are.

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