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Maybe the most watched TV series when it was in its prime, The Walking Dead is still a fascinating show to watch, and it is now in its Season 8 which set the final chapter for a show that is supposed to finish soon.

Now, after airing its last episode on April 15th of this year, many people are looking to watch The Walking Dead Season 8, but AMC does not air it too often. What can you do if you want to stream the 8 season of the Walking Dead? Easily – take a look at this article to find out!

Why Season 8 of the Walking Dead is a Must Watch

As we said it before, the series is not on its best state right now. After setting records high in the first four seasons, TWD Season 8 saw all the numbers go in a downward trend. And this has not only happen in season 8, actually, since season 5 all numbers went down and hadn’t recovered yet.

Luckily, the next season is supposed to be one of the best so far and hopefully change things for the better. If TWD Season 8 meets the standard of most people who still watch the show, it is probably going to gain at least half of all those users who have been quitting the show for the past three years.

For those looking to stream the Walking Dead final season, you must be thinking – is it a good season worth of my time? Well, it entirely is. It wasn’t the best regarding numbers, but we can say it is probably going to surprise how good it is. This sets a new level and a possible new change for next season, which is keeping the same roster of actors, and still needs to provide the emotion and delivery the first four seasons did.

Where can I Watch the 8th Season of The Walking Dead?

Whether you are in the US, Canada or UK, there are a few ways to view the Walking Dead online without problems, including season 8. Here we are going to go over each of these options so you can eventually choose the best for your needs:

How to Stream The Walking Dead Season 8 in the US:

The Walking Dead on-line Season 8 is available on the TV channel AMC. This means you can watch through any cable operator that has this popular channel or hire a live AMC version through the AMC app or any other stream operator.

Among the other services, you can hire to see TWD eighth or final season, online are DirectTV Now, Youtube TV, PlayStation Vue and even Sling TV or Hulu.

Most of these TV packages range between $20 and $40 per month which means you won’t have to spend more than $400 a year if you want to view not just season 8 of TWD, but many other shows without problems.

You may also pay more than $40 for full-time access to the TWD season 8 stream via Amazon Fire TV or iTunes.

Sources To See Walking Dead Eighth Season for Canadians:

The Walking Dead also airs via AMC in Canada, yet there are not as many options to see Walking Dead the eighth season online as in the US. Luckily, you can find the show from beginning to end in iTunes for an even lower price than in the US at only $39.99.

Where To Stream the Walking Dead Season 8 in the UK:

For the UK, only FOX is the available source for streaming Walking Dead season 8, yet it is way cheaper than the three options you have in the US.

FOX in the UK offers not only a TV subscription for all the seasons and other TV shows from AMC, but it also provides several different channels (11 in total) from FOX entertainment that you can enjoy for as little as £7.99.

On the other hand, iTunes also offers full-season access to watch TWD season 8 for as low as $29.99 without having to wait for the channel to air the show. You can quickly look for the episode you want to watchand that’s it!

Plenty of Options Around

Whatever option you prefer to watch season 8 The Walking Dead, we are pretty sure it will come very convenient and easy for you. We recommend going for whatever fits your needs and budget the most – this way you will enjoy such a fantastic show for a better cost.

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